Etica e Scienza Association puts itself for the exclusive pursuing of social solidarity purposes for the promotion, the enhancement and the safeguard of the cultural and ambiental amenities and activities.

The association pursues the following goals:

The promotion of the scientific research for the social activities made directly by foundations and from these entrusting it to reseach organization, foundations and universities.

The promotion of the research about the economic trends, the immigration, the emersion of grey economy, child labour, the atypical job, salaries and bargaining, energy, health and safety.

Welfare studies and rights of citizenship, local development and industrial economy.

Promotions, projectaction and realization of studies and researches about job and its changes.

Promotion of teaching and education. Social and Health Assistance. Safeguard and ehnancenment of nature and environments.

Constant analysis of economic and social processes.

The Association promotes the following related with these goals:

Cultural activities: Meetings, debates, workshops, entertainment, exhibitions and other cultural events;
Formation Activities: Training and vocational courses, updates about theory and pratice for educatiors, teachers, social, social works, workgroup reseach and study groups;
Publishing Activities: Periodical bulletins publishing, congresses acts, workshops, studies, researches and reviews.